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Men with low testosterone levels can suffer a range of symptoms, from depression or loss of energy and drive, to a decline is sexual performance through low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Discover our approach to balance your hormones for a healthier, happier life.

PulseWave for Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Health

Erectile Dysfunction or low libido, our doctor likely has a solution for you. This solution will be customized to your exact needs, and modified to perfection. It may include safe and effective medication, hormone treatment, PulseWave Therapy, or other options.

Learn more about your options below.

How PRP regrows lost hair


We offer solutions for things like hair loss, pattern baldness, and body composition. We also offer cosmetic fillers and products.

Explore our services like PRP Therapy for hair restoration and CoolSculpting for body fat reduction, or learn more below and then contact us to get started.

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Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT or TRT) is for men with low testosterone or other imbalanced hormone levels. Although symptoms can vary, they generally include things like reduced sex drive (libido), erectile dysfunction, decreased energy or whole body fatigue and hot flashes, shrinking testicles, muscle weakness or loss of muscle, depression, irritability and mood swings, “pot belly” or unwanted weight gain, loss of armpit and pubic hair, or low or zero sperm count (azoospermia).

Hormone Testing

When you request an appointment with JC Total Health, our Medical Doctor who specializes in hormones will learn more about you and your specific needs. If you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement, the next step will be for you to get a complete hormone test so we can determine the best next steps to meet your goals. Your blood test will show us where your hormone levels are, as well as other important indicators to ensure Testosterone Replacement Therapy is safe for you.

How do I take testosterone?

While we offer a variety of options, generally intramuscular injection of prescription testosterone is the most effective route. For men who cannot inject, we also offer in-clinic injections by our clinical staff. For those who do not want injections, we offer other forms such as creams that can be applied topically.

How much and how often will I use hormones?

Our Medical Doctor will prescribe the best amount and form of testosterone and/or other hormone(s) along with necessary modifications specifically for you. Adjustments may be given by the doctor based on your feedback or test results.

Most patients will inject their prescription hormones once weekly. This varies by patient lifestyles, but weekly injections are most common. Other forms of testosterone, such as creams, may be applied daily depending on the form you choose. Be sure to ask any questions you have before using hormones or other medication by contacting us.

Do I need to use anything else?

The answer to this question varies by patient. You may also be prescribed Gonadorelin or hCG, or additional medications based on your personal needs and results.

Sexual Health

If a lack of sex drive or erectile dysfunction have you down, JC Total Health can help. Performance issues could be related to hormone levels, an injury, penile scar tissue build-up or blood vessel issues, mental health, or even just a stressful period in life.

You’re not alone. About half of men of all ages experience decreased erection quality, and even more have experienced low libido. Don’t get discouraged. We can help you restore your function and regain your confidence.

Low Libido / Sex Drive

Hormones, mental health, and situational stress can all play a role in reducing a man’s sex drive. We can help you solve the underlying issues so you can regain your confidence and ability. The doctor may also be able to prescribe a fast-acting short-term solution to help you immediately while we work to resolve the culprit.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If you find it difficult or even impossible to get or maintain an erection, JC Total Health may be able to help you through one or multiple approaches.

We offer hormone therapy, proven-effective western medicine, and soundwave therapy through a service we call PulseWave Therapy which has a high success rate.

Get the help you need. Regain the confidence you deserve. We are non-judgmental medical experts, and we thoroughly understand root causes and solutions to improve erection quality.

PulseWave Therapy

PulseWave Therapy for erectile dysfunction is the only treatment of its kind in Central Missouri. It improves function in 75% of men who did NOT respond to ED medications, with little or no known side effects.

PulseWave Therapy involves a series of treatments where noninvasive, high frequency, low-energy acoustic wave pulses are used to rejuvenate dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis.

Sound waves restore function to aged blood vessels, break up scar tissue, stimulate growth of new blood vessels and clear plaque from blood vessels, as well as the overall rejuvenation of erectile tissue. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve sedation, medication or surgery.

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Where necessary, we may prescribe generic or name brand medications such as Viagra® (Sildenafil), Cialis® (Tadalafil), Levitra® (Vardenafil) or other types of medication. Generics are the common preference.


CoolSculpting® for body fat reduction and body composition, facial aesthetics (Juvederm, Botox, Restylane, Dysport, Sculptra), PRP Hair Restoration for hair loss from pattern baldness, and SkinMedica skin care products.

Hair Loss / Hair Restoration

To address male and female pattern baldness and associated hair loss, JC Total Health offers PRP Hair Restoration Therapy. PRP, or “Platelet-Rich Plasma”, therapy is for both men and women who experience pattern hair loss. Our affordable hair loss solution is a simple three-step process that involves using your body’s own platelets for hair regrowth.

CoolSculpting® for Fat Loss

CoolSculpting® is FDA cleared to eliminate stubborn fat under the jawline, under the chin, the upper arms, back fat, bra fat, the flank area (love handles), abdomen, thighs, and under the buttocks (banana roll).

A typical CoolSculpting® treatment takes as little as 35-75 minutes, depending on the area treated, with treatment sessions lasting 1-3 hours on average. For most patients, two or more treatment sessions are recommended to help reach their body contouring goals.

CoolSculpting® is designed to help you achieve your body contouring goals with no surgery and little to no downtime.

Facial Aesthetics

Our Jefferson City office offers Allergan and Galderma facial fillers, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Dysport®, and Sculptra®.


Check out our SkinMedica® skin care products online. Browse and buy at your convenience.

Dietary Supplements

We offer a variety of high-quality dietary supplements, available for purchase inside JC Total Health.

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